What can I get at the Alibaba Cloud India Academy Day online conference?

As the event description we will gain a spotlight to our career with Advanced Cloud Computing Skills & Professional Certifications. By joining the online conference is the one step to get engaged with Alibaba Cloud, you can be more familiar with Alibaba Cloud either in technical use or for certification. Every sessions have useful material that you can follow to practice, such as accelerating your business growth digitalization, learn how to scaling our cloud infrastructure, getting more knowledge about modern databases, know how to implement Alibaba Cloud Container Services and securing our Cloud Infrastructure, and a lot of more about customers engagement with media technologies.

In this online conference we also can claim for $200 worth of Alibaba Cloud Associate Certification for FREE and add an edge to our profile and prove our expertise on Alibaba Cloud products and cloud native applications. We can also participate in a self assessment to check your knowledge on cloud fundamentals and get a recognized.

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