What are Alibaba Cloud Web Services main features?

Alibaba Cloud Web App Service allows you to deploy, scale, adjust, and monitor applications in an easy, efficient, secure, and flexible manner. You do not need to maintain the underlying infrastructure. You only pay for the cloud resources that you use. Web App Service supports multiple development languages, such as Java, Python, Node.js, PHP, Go, Ruby, and .NET Core.

Here are the features:

  • Supports multiple mainstream programming languages

Web+ supports multiple mainstream languages, including Java, Node.js, PHP, Go, Python, and Ruby. You can also build your own language runtime environment as required.

  • Provides configuration templates and API

Web+ provides the configuration specifications for deployment environments and the API for you to create your own development tools and script sets.

  • Provides a plug-in system

In addition to the infrastructure and deployment environments required for running applications, Web+ provides a plug-in system. By developing and using plug-ins, you can connect Web+ to any services as required.

  • Provides fully managed services

You do not need to apply for or purchase any cloud resources or perform any complicated system configuration. Instead, you only need to upload application deployment packages and submit resource requirements. Then, Web+ automatically creates all resources.

  • Automatically configures deployment environments

Web+ uses the desired-state-oriented resource scheduling method to create deployment environments automatically based on your requirements.

  • Provides monitoring information, logs, and diagnostic information

Web+ allows you to monitor applications and deployment environments. In Web+, you can check and download logs and diagnostic information, monitor the health and performance of applications, and debug and troubleshoot applications.

  • Manages application versions

Web+ sorts all deployed application versions so that you can easily manage and roll back application versions.

  • Saves the configuration of a deployment environment as a template

Web+ allows you to save the configuration of a deployment environment as a template so that you can use the template to create a deployment environment with the same configuration quickly.

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