How does Amazon compare to Alibaba Cloud Service?

You have to tried both, they are providing a free tier or free trial now. Both are almost provide a complete cloud services. But they have different characteristics and feel when you are using them. I have experienced in using both of them until right now. Clearly I said that I like using Alibaba not only because of the cheaper prices, but Alibaba provide simple cloud architecture that most familiar like we are using on premise infrastructures, better look and feel UI/UX and provides fast response technical supports even when I’m using free tier. Furthermore, why I choose Alibaba, because they have closer data centers for me compared with AWS. One more, they have better CLI like aliyun and better technical documentations and also provide huge cheaper course to learn about cloud computing or their products on Alibaba Cloud Academy . Here is just my real experience on using both of these cloud, anybody may have difference experices.

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